Saturday, February 26, 2011

sbf_flash updates

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sbf_flash has been updated; there's now a mac os x port, in addition, support has been added for the Defy, Charm and possibly the Atrix.
sbf_flash [options] [sbf file]
    -f               - force; attempt to continue on error
    -v               - verbose output (of CDT)
    -r               - read CDT information from the phone
    -x               - extract sbf file
    -d               - download cg from phone
    --cgname [file]  - upload/download cgname
                       matches any cgname shown with -r
                       optional file arg for contents

sbf_flash file.sbf
upload file.sbf

sbf_flash -v -r
display detailed CDT information

sbf_flash -r --boot file.sbf
sbf_flash -r --boot boot.img file.sbf
upload boot, optionally using boot.img as the contents

sbf_flash -r -d --boot
sbf_flash -r -d --boot boot.img
download boot, if boot.img isn't specified it will be
saved using the cgname ("boot") as the filename

(* updated Atrix support; many thanks to irc user relaxed)