Sunday, May 9, 2010


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Linux util for flashing sbf files; sbf_flash

The usage is pretty straight forward, simply connect the phone and run:
chmod +x sbf_flash
./sbf_flash filename.sbf
The output looks something like this -
SBF FLASH 0.01 (mbm)

=== hack.sbf ===
00: RDL03 0x80500000-0x8054CFFF FE66 AP
01:  CG35 0xC0680000-0xC08E37FF ABCB AP
02:  CG47 0xC0A00000-0xC0D5C7FF 02C0 AP

Droid found.
 >> uploading RDL03
Uploading: 100% OK
 >> verifying ramloader
 -- OK
 >> executing ramloader
Droid (ramloader) found.
 >> sending erase
 >> uploading CG35
Uploading: 100% OK
 >> uploading CG47
Uploading: 100% OK
 >> verifying CG35
 -- OK
 >> verifying CG47
 -- OK
 >> rebooting


Please link to this blog post and not a mirror in order to make sure everyone uses the latest version. It also helps me track the number of people that use the utility which determines how much time I spend maintaining it.