Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New sbf_flash features

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The sbf_flash link has been updated; the new version adds a few interesting new features.

sbf_flash -r
This will read the CDT from the phone, displaying the names and locations of each codegroup on flash.

sbf_flash -x file.sbf
Extract codegroups from sbf file; files will be named according to codegroup, eg: CG30.img

sbf_flash -r -x file.sbf
Extract codegroups from sbf file, name according to CDT information.

sbf_flash -r --recovery file.sbf
Read the CDT, flash only the recovery codegroup from file.sbf.

sbf_flash -r --recovery recovery.img file.sbf
Same as above but writes the contents of recovery.img to recovery instead of using the sbf. (sbf file only used for ramloader)

The -r option must be specified before any options involving the CDT. The "--recovery" can be any name shown in the CDT, optionally followed by data which overrides the sbf contents; in other words you can write arbitrary data to any location on the flash -- be careful.